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Friday, February 16, 2007

1 tv, 2 suits, 3 sofas, 4 carpets...

. . . These are just a few, a very few, of the items destroyed by Badger of Appleby-in-Westmorland, UK. A collie cross Golden Retriever, she has destroyed at least 12,000 British pounds' worth of stuff. Big stuff. Like walls and stuff.

Gee, she doesn't look that evil. But check out the list! (It's the "Read Badger's Story" link.)

This tale of woe and no shoes or underwear left comes to you courtesy of MyDarnDog.com, in a section called "Punk Pets". Not a look at pets of punks, though they obviously share the same devotion to anarchy as a guiding principle. Feel grateful. Or sympathetic. Notice that the drive to "parent" our companion animals is so strong we actually find their scorched-earth campaigns cute.

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