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Saturday, February 17, 2007

moo / 2

I've just found out there's miniature cattle. I have no idea why that should surprise me so, as I have seen dwarf goats, mini horses, potbellied pigs and (I used to live near some of these) mini donkeys.

But cattle? They're big. As one of my friends said, "What's next? Mini elephants?" And then we all stopped and said, "Hey now, that would be cool."

Anyway they're out there. And the pages you may find on them have a tendency to feature pictures of steak and fries, so we may all have to check our sentiment at our keyboards. But they're undeniably cool if you like mini critters. They can be as small as 36" at maturity and about nine hundred pounds give or take. They eat 1/3 the amount that a full size cow needs. You can raise 10 of them on 5 acres, which would only fit 2 big'uns. They will come when you call them.

More about them here. Lots of pictures from an appealing breeder site here.

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