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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

a scent to save

Jezzie. Krissy. Pupdog. Recon.

Searchers. Many of them rescued, now the rescuers - for they are team members at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

This fine organization was founded by Wilma Melville and her dog Murphy in 1995, when they stepped in to help after the Oklahoma City bombings. At that time there were only 15 Advanced Certified disaster search dog/handler teams in the entire U.S. Wilma knew more were needed. Read her story here.

Many of the dogs are found at the Humane Society, at the last minute; others are recognized as go-getters from day one by breeders. Wherever they come from, they go where people need finding. They train hard, and they play hard, as you may see.

Pets with jobs - and a fine job it is.

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