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Thursday, August 09, 2007

william s. burroughs on the cat inside

"Fifteen years ago I dreamt I had caught a white cat on a hook and line. For some reason I was about to reject the creature and throw it back, but it rubbed against me, mewling piteously."

First published in 1986 in an edition illustrated by the artist Brion Gysin, who worked with the Beat and Punk generations, The Cat Inside is a tender reflection by Burroughs (1914 - 1997) of the creatures that came and went in his life. I'd never have expected it of the father of all junkies, but it goes to show you never can tell.

And that cats make for good literature.

You can hear him read selections from The Cat Inside if, God help you, you can figure out how to download from this page.


Anonymous said...

Hope he treated cats better than he did his wife.

curator said...

Amen to THAT.

Anonymous said...

because you creepy cat people know anything about burroughs.