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Saturday, December 29, 2007

the family business

If you're the Weatherwax family of Los Angeles, you were a dog trainer. And not just any old dogs. We're talking Lassie, Old Yeller, Asta, and a bunch of other four-legged actors from the 20's on. Frank, William, Ruddell, and Jack Weatherwax had the magic trainer's touch that made certain pooches iconic stars of the screen. They'd originally started as actors themselves, but the dogs stole the show -- as dogs will, hooray -- and they were perfectly happy to let them.

A member of the Weatherwax family has made this website to show off the family biz. Go and enjoy some canine cinematic history. Don't you love the name "Weatherwax"? I do.

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The Lassie Network! said...

Glad you found Richard Weatherwax's site on the family! Richard is the son of Frank Weatherwax, and nephew of Rudd Weatherwax, the original owners and trainers of Lassie!

The legacy continues!

Visit www.lassie.net to see the newest member of the family, Lassie 10!