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Sunday, January 27, 2008

klee's "cat and bird"

I traveled today in the cold midwinter, luckily just missing ice and snow - not a lot, not even much at all, but enough to make other people skid off and have nasty wrecks. I did a lot this weekend. My mind is full of plans and tasks. Now I am home with Elizabeth and the other catstaff, looking into their wide eyes and wondering what goes on in there.

Paul Klee wondered that too, and his answer in 1928 was Cat and Bird, now owned by MOMA.
Lucky MOMA. I wouldn't mind having that wide, innocent catface on my wall, the delectable nose leather (it's the key to cuteness, remember) delineated with a warm pink heart, the tender pink tripartite kittylips, and the forehead emblazoned with a bird very handily indisposed to flight. Klee used his calm, clear line not so much to draw the perfect cat form, but to draw the idea of the cat thinking. I like to think he smooched whichever handy cat was about after he created this. Probably right on the nose leather.

Stay warm and dry, everyone.


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