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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

zippy's cat scan

I always did love Zippy the Pinhead. He was so loopy goodnatured eighties. Say what you will about that decade, some of us had a really good time then even if we came at it diagonally. I mean, what's not to love about a guy who asks a Sphinx, "Can I enter the Gates of Perception?" and is fine with hearing, "Maybe. But only if you love cats -- do you love cats?"

Of course he does.

What I really wanted to find was the Zippy strip about nose leather -- the "cold, wet thing at th' tip of a cat's snoot." It's the key to cuteness. And by the way, that IS what the leathery part at the end of your cat's nose is called.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't think a free spirit like Zippy would have a problem with Cat Being Cat. Sounds more like a Griffy issue.

curator said...

Yeah - that WOULD be a Griffy thing. Do you remember Shelf-Life? "Where's my burger!? What's that smell!?"