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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

today i saw a cool dog

I glanced out the window at work and saw a pickup driving into our parking lot. In the passenger seat sat what looked like the biggest, whitest pitbull I'd certainly ever seen. Thanks to the interviewing skills of my also dogloving co-worker, I now know I was treated to the sight of a Dogo Argentino.

He was huge, and had long legs and big cropped pointy ears like a Great Dane, and wagged his tail and had a nice friendly stretch in the sun. His eyes were very dark and gentle. He was quite somethng, and I am peeved at myself for not going and getting a photo.

But you may see many here. You may also wish to learn the interesting history of how two Argentinean brothers carefully bred this dog starting in 1925. They started with breeding stock of The Fighting Dog of Cordobo, now extinct, and mixed in a number of handpicked other breeds. Have a look at that. (Dogo.org.)

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