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Thursday, January 24, 2008

more herford kitten verse

Remember Oliver Herford, whose Rubaiyyat of a Persian Kitten gave me such comfort in October? I didn't know he had also written The Kitten's Garden of Verses in 1911. Mm! Let's have a taste, shall we?
The Puncture
When I was just a Kitten small,
They gave to me a Rubber Ball
To roll upon the floor.
One day I tapped it with my paw
And pierced the rubber with my claw;
Now it will roll no more.
The Joy Ride
When Mistress Peggy moves around,
Her dresses make a mocking sound.
"You can't catch me!" they seem to say--
I often steal a ride that way.

And this one is for Elizabeth, who flies through the air with the greatest of ease.
The Game
Watching a ball on the end of a string,
Watching it swing back and to,
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a Kitten can do.
First it goes this way, then it goes that,
Just like a bird on the wing.
And all of a tremble I crouch on the mat
Like a Lion, preparing to spring.
And now with a terrible deafening mew,
Like a Tiger I leap on my prey,
And just when I think I have torn it in two
It is up in the air and away.

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