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Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter! (post contains bunnies)

You would never know it was spring here at the Museum. It's chilly and rainy, and no one is about on the street. And since we live in the city, there are no wild bunnies to gladden the lawns and eat my flowers.

That doesn't stop me from thinking happy thoughts of the new season, and all the new crazy-wonderful pet culture still to find afresh every day. And in honor of rabbits everywhere, I'm going to send you to My House Rabbit.com's Bunny Blog. Plenty of good articles, cute pix, and breaking rabbit news. Be sure and check out the rabbit art archive. There's a simple, gentle work by Kristiana Parn that has a serene, sure line, bunnies sleeping Under The Marshmellow Tree.

Happy Easter to you!


Anonymous said...

You've added to the canon of great three-word phrases: besides "Peace on Earth" and "Free Beer Here", a phrase that automatically makes me click: "Post contains bunnies."

curator said...

Ha HA! You're welcome, Kelly Cat. I hope you are all well!

The Crow said...

This was an extra cheery post! I too enjoyed the "Post contains bunnies." and not just because they are tasty...