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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

great, i'll take elizabeth to the uffizi

I stumbled across a news story from March 19th in the Manchester Guardian (an excellent paper) reporting that the Tuscan regional parliament is considering a bill regarding pet access.

If passed, this law would permit pet owners in Tuscany to take their cats, dogs, or whatever (pythons too I wonder? ferrets?) to any public place, including museums and the theatre. The pets would need to be certified as disease-free, and kept on a lead at all times (oh, there goes the python - I've never seen a python leash).

Having seen dogs everywhere else in Tuscany, including bars and sidewalk restaurants, I'm not surprised to see this bill under consideration. But not everyone thinks this is such a good idea. Read the story here.

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parlance said...

Interesting post. I once lived in Florence for a month and spent every afternoon at the Uffizi - even though I'm a dog lover, I don't think I would have enjoyed having to keep my eyes on the floor so I didn't trip over someone's animal.