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Friday, May 02, 2008

friday funs, cat flavored

Oh - I realize I've been kind of cat heavy on the posting tip lately ("Not that there's anything wrong with that," I am sure Elizabeth would say). File under "why the curator is mailing it in" and then enjoy this deceptively simple-looking little game:

The point is like Stratego...anybody remember Stratego? It was an actual board game....in any case, click dots ahead of the kitty so he doesn't walk off. Easy? Ah, not so fast, grasshopper.

Someday when The Pet Museum has a web page I'll have a page full of pet games.


parlance said...

Yep, I remember Stratego. Just dated myself! I've played this game before and it drives me crazy - I have to keep going till I win one...

By the way, couldn't get your game from tomorrow to load.

Anonymous said...

(Curator) Rats! I wonder what's up with that? It was British and pretty cute.