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Friday, May 23, 2008

office life: bird edition

Yesterday I got to pet sit a client's bird.

As you can see from the photo, he was cute and perky, and not hurting for toys. I couldn't remember exactly what kind of bird he was - I thought "cockatoo," but no, that's the really big kind.

Aha - cockatiel.

I don't know anything about cockatiels except that they are affectionate little guys. This one was, too; he hung by his bars making little "lookit me" chirps at first, then started showing off all his mirrors and sticks and things, and then kissed his reflection for a while. It sort of made my heart hurt a bit with the cuteness, to tell you the truth.

His "daddy" told me that at home he's never caged, and spends most of the day sitting on big calcium pills that look like eggs to him. Male cockatiels have a nesting instinct, who knew?

Well, probably the folks at Cockatiel.com. Gorgeous pictures there. Mine is not, but it's another cellphonecam shot, so there you go. And here's another.


parlance said...

I like your photos, even if they were taken with a phone. Especially the second one.
I always feel sad to see birds in cages, though this one seems happy. Cockatiels are native to Australia and can be still seen flying free in their native range.

curator said...

Hi Parlance! Thanks as always for the nice comments. Are things going better in your neck of the woods? I should surf on over and find out. Best wishes!

parlance said...

Yes, thanks. Things are going okay again.
When I had a period of not blogging, I think I accidentally confronted my addiction to blogging, so nowadays I'm more relaxed about only blogging and visiting others when I really feel like it.