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Sunday, September 21, 2008

some generous mice

I guess it's just another day in the life for Daikoku, one of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune in Japan -- here are some mice obligingly bringing him money. And not just that, they are running up into his robe! They must be looking to stick that money right in his pocket! He's the god of wealth and commerce, so that must make him very happy. It would me!
Daikoku is often portrayed with a fellow God of Good Fortune, Ebisu, god of fishers or merchants. He's often depicted carrying a sea bream, so that must be the pink fish under his arm.

This is a print dating from 1889 by Kawanabae Kyosai, called The Munificent Mice.


Fin said...

I'd like mice to bring me money.

THE ZOO said...

those iz gud mice. we wouldnt chase them.

curator said...

Hi Fin - Yeah!! Right?
Hi Zoo, I want to come visit you. In fact I'll do it right now.