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Friday, September 19, 2008

spanish kitty with subtitles

Gee, the people you meet when you take on the littlest dare. (By the way, Mr. Chen's dare is in the post just before this one. In case that's what you are looking for.)

One of the kind visitors turned out to be Ana, a Spanish-speaking calico with a distinct lack of tolerance for littering. Me too. And since I don't speak Spanish, I was glad indeed of the helpful translations offered under each photo of her own Save the Environment project:

Yo patrullo los montes para que nadie los ensucie ¡¡No más basuras en
nuestros montes!!
I monitor our fields in order that nobody dirties them.
No more garbage in our fields!!

¡¡Las basuras a su contenedor correspondiente o te araño la nariz!!

Deposit this garbage in the container. Not in the
field! Or I will scratch and bite your nose! Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!

You tell 'em, Ana! And remember, everyone: Salva el medioambiente!


Anita said...

We have to dominate humans or they will finish with OUR world!

We cats will conquer the World!

Efurryone! join to my antigarbage patrol! Muahahahahaha!!!

PS: I try to write good English, but I sometime have mistakes.

Thanks for your visit. Purrrrs.

curator said...

Hi Anita! Thank you for your visit! You write English very well. I can't write any other language well and I wish I could. Get those litterers! We will too!