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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"also the pet is one member of the family"

"The small life which gives the serenity to our living. . . the "pet symbiotic residence" is proposed."

Or, in other words, Apartment Therapy (thanks yet again, RobinandFinchy's mom Tara) posted on a Japanese house design set intended to make life with pets not only easier but more beautiful. Main (and hilariously translated thanks to BabelFish) page here.

Oh gosh, a page full of cat features! "It is accustomed to rubbing the body, the nail grinds. The west panel which is resistant, to the scratch for the cat which loves the wall." I think it's a built in scratchpost. There's more though.

And then there's "Communication of basting and dog of dog smoothly." That is, easy clean house, easy clean dog.

I would love to live in such a happy and cheery home. Wouldn't you? Don't be shy, explore!


Whicky Wuudler said...

"Way the respective feeling, respectively it becomes round"

I respectively feel I would be happy to live in such a grand palace.

parlance said...

Feels like some new Japanese poetry form whose rules i don't know - a great read! I could be happy in a house like that...I think.