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Sunday, January 11, 2009


You've probably figured out what a fan I am of William Wegman's work with dogs. I remember vividly when I discovered it: the Whitney, New York City, Spring of 1992. As much as I appreciate the craft and wit of that body of work, I also was pretty sure no one else could do anything like that at all well.

But I think there's somebody out there who's not too shabby. Cindy and Kirby Pringle live in rural Illinois now after years of award-winning photography and journalism. Their dogs Buster and Barney live there too, where they serve as inspiration for a bright, cheerful world full of "dog people." Human bodies, dog heads, in a pictorial universe filled with the everyday.

Well, if your "everyday" involves singing karaoke to chickens. Or living in a sky blue house.

So get some canine cheer from Dogtown Artworks - maybe your dog would like to be a part of that world too!


Anonymous said...

Wow, after Wegman's work I wouldn't think anyone else would even have dared doing anything remotely like it...

... except the poker-playing dogs, of course.

curator said...

Just goes to show you how infinite creativity is, huh? Nice to "see" you!

Anita said...

Happy New Year! I´m in home, muahaha!

Funny link, but I prefer a catown, hehe.

curator said...

You mean like CAT TOWN in the favorites? Oh how I love that site, it makes me laugh so very hard.