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Monday, January 12, 2009

pocket beagle redux!

A new face (and apprehensive, poor baby) arrives at the airport in Utah . . .
a representative of that elusive bunch, the Pocket Beagles.

Introducing a girl puppy who arrived from Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles to the warm loving haven of my brother's house (clarification: brother 1 of 3).

What's her name? Doesn't have one yet - it WAS Creme Brulee.

She will hang out, get some chub on her frame, get some lovin'...

She has evaded the wiles of Basement Cat.

I think I can link to this Google Books result on the Pocket Beagle from All about Dogs: A Book for Doggy People, by Charles Henry Lane and R. H. Moore (John Lane: London and New York, 1900). The woodcut illustrations in this book are strong, simple and harmonious - you will like them.

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parlance said...

Oh, poor little scared baby! Lovely to see her in her new home. Can't wait for later pics!