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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another dog from work

This is Diego.
Diego is a Pomeranian. He is also one of the sweetest, cutest dogs I have ever met.
I bought dog biscuits for work just in case he visits.
Diego was bought from a lady at a street fair when the original customer did not show up for him. He had already been in a home where someone with big hair and someone else with a hoodie was not kind to him; he loathes hoodies and poofy hair. Yes, he IS covered in poofy hair, but it's HIS poofy hair.
I have blogged before on Pomeranians, so I won't rehash their history here. I did find a poem from The Yale University Magazine of 1917, entitled "To a Pomeranian," by R. B. Barrett:
Tamberlaine would cower at the state
Of thy magnificence and pageant pride.
Thy silly tail and mane, black-waving, prate
Of pomp and snobbery, like plumes descried
Afar, dancing upon a horrent crest.
Thy dapper spingle-legs of sable sheen
Attest dependence on a limousine.
Sure, not on dust such feet could e'er be pressed.
"Horrent" means "covered with bristles; bristling." As for spingle, no luck so far. No, I don't really dig that poem either.


Fin said...

Oh you're giving Mommy ideas. She would love one of these little pooches, luckily Daddy is on my side.

curator said...

He really is a cutie....he does look like a cat if you squint! (Uh oh.)