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Sunday, August 09, 2009

a gorgeous sunday slideshow, courtesy the boston mfa

Ah! Grab your hot Sunday beverage of choice, or perhaps a cool glass of Sunday wine, and scroll at your leisure through the 116 images in the Boston MFA's slideshow, "Collection Tour: MFA Images: Cats and Dogs."

There are a great many Japanese works included (some duplicated, I notice), and I must say I have not run across most of them before. I'm saying this over my sighs for #22, "New Herbs (Wakana) II from the series the Tale of Genji," in which three plump kittens drowse upon a green mat.

The stolid patience of the old dog in #86, Clonney's "The Sleigh Ride" of circa 1845, may make your eyes mist over a little. I've been an Arthur Rackham fan since way back, so I have always loved #116, a 1909 print of a determined cat marching off to do a deed in the village (anybody remember what Grimm tale that was?).

Why not have a scroll?

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