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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lost dogs of chile

You've probably seen the clip by now, since I understand it's gone viral. A homeless dog is hit on a freeway in Chile, and another dog runs out at great risk to clasp it with front paws and drag it to safety. (Haven't seen it? It's here.)

I knew the life of a South American dog was tough. Family members journeyed to Peru and Chile in recent years, and remarked on how grateful the street dogs were for any affection - "they were everywhere." But I didn't know Santiago, Chile had 250K homeless dogs. That's ONE city, people. Greater Santiago's human population is 5.2 million (thanks Wikipedia) - let me see here - that's about one stray for every 20 people, right? I don't even want to think about the stray cat population.

But someone has thought, and worked, and created, for the stray dogs of Chile. Vanessa Schultz of Bend, Oregon saw that viral clip and followed it south, hoping to find the hero dog. Her observations ultimately became the documentary Lost Dogs. I understand there is struggle, death, giving and hope in this film. A fundraiser will be held on August 22nd of this year in Bend - it will be on the film's website for a while, so check that, if you wish to go.

News story about the film here. Do take a look at whatever info you can. Unfortunately, this is a part of pet culture too -- and a chance to help make pet history.

A dog that barks all the time gets little attention. Argentine proverb


parlance said...

Sometimes when I read things like this I feel overwhelmed at the sadness of the world, but I guess there's plenty of sadness for humans, too. (I think I must be in a down mood, today!)

curator said...

Me too, Parlance. I am glad for the hard work and kindness of a few, and feel so sad for all those dog lives...