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Friday, October 16, 2009

artist: nicole zeug - and a beloved dog

Image copyright Nicole Zeug, Arts and Dogs
This is one of my finds on DeviantArt: Nicole Zeug's 2008 aquarelle/watercolor portrait of her own Golden. I was pleasantly struck by the unusual angle in conjunction with her careful naturalism, making not only a rendering of a dog, but The (Beloved) Dog. Who hasn't thought of a much loved pet in these mighty terms now and again?
Her palette also adds to the sense of immediacy, reflecting the pale pure colors of observations made on a fine clear day. Appreciate, too, the fine rendering. Look at the fur rippling with the ear's bend, the soft leathery dog-lips, and the liquid eye (I do love that eye).


Fin said...

The angle is unusual and the work is truly beautiful!

curator said...

Fin, I am so glad you enjoyed it! We need to have someone make a portrait of YOU.