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Friday, December 04, 2009

the cat of great britain, 1498

The Cat of Great Britain
The Cat is surely most like to the Leoparde, and hathe a great mouthe, and sharp teeth, and a long tongue, plyante, thin and subtle. He lappeth therewith when he drinketh, as other beastes do that have the nether lip shorter than the over; for, by cause of unevenness of lips, such beastes suck not in drinking, but lap and lick, as Aristotle saith, and Plinius also. He is a swifte and merye beaste in youthe, and leapeth, and riseth on all things that are tofore him, and is led by a straw, and playeth therewith; and he is a righte heavye beaste in age, and full sleepye, and lyeth slyly in waite for Mice, and is ware where they bene more by smell than by sighte, and hunteth, and riseth on them in privy places. And when he taketh a Mouse, he playeth therewith, and eateth him after the play. He is a cruell beaste when he is wilde, and dwelleth in woods, and hunteth there small beastes as conies and hares.
--Translated from the Latin by Thomas Berthlet. Printed by Wynkyn de Worde. 1498.

-- from Alice Repplier, The Cat. Being a Record of the Endearments and Invectives Lavished by Many Writers upon an Animal Much Loved and Much Abhorred (Sturgis & Walton, 1912).

I like the bits about "led by a straw, and playeth therewith," and "riseth on them in privy places." I see Elizabeth would like me to playeth therewith, so good evening to you all.

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