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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

vintage photo time

Yes, another sweet Ampersand find, this one developed in June of 1960. Two blond toddlers, dressed alike in tiny sweaters and collared shirts, hang out on a wild lawn with a pretty young lady - Mom? - and a fine-boned collie who won't let the babies out of sight. Or perhaps the dog is hoping one baby will drop that banana or whatever that is he's eating. Dogs are eternally hopeful in such fashion.

I really love to see how people so often want to have their relationship with their pets recorded on film. The impulse to grab and snap the family dog/cat/weasel/critter seems to be as strong and instinctive as putting on our nicest smile or most dignified posture. What does that tell me? That at a certain level, we recognize our love for our animals, and theirs for us, as one of the best things about ourselves. At least I hope so. I wish they would always get that best love in return.


Anonymous said...

June 1960, so long ago, but it looks so close in that picture. So close, and so happy.

Fin said...

This was a sweet post Curator!

curator said...

Thank you Fin! Hi there Good Cats! It's been a bit of a challenge lately because my main computer died and I'm pinch hitting with a laptop...so I haven't been making my usual visits :(

Anita said...

Oh my God! This is Lassie! Muahahaha!

My human grandma was born in 1960. I like vintage photos.

Thanks for your good wishes, I´m well now :)


curator said...

Anita, I am so happy to hear you feel better!