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Sunday, October 23, 2011

meet carol delorenzo's cider and star

image copyright and by kindest permission of carol delorenzo

San Luis Obispo artist Carol DeLorenzo worked in pastel and pencil for most of her life. Then, ten years ago, her husband gave her the Valentine's Day gift of a watercolor class, and you see here the sweet result: a portrait of her cats, dreamy and serene. Look at the orange and white cat's delicate pink nose, and the strong marbling of the gray tabby's fur. Well handled.

Carol wrote something specially for the Museum about this piece, and I'm so happy to share this treat with you!

* * *

Cider and Star: A Tale of Two Beloved Rescue Kitties

Cider and Star were the best of friends. They did everything together and were never far apart. Cider was an orange and white furry mini lion. Star was a sleek, silver mini tiger, with beautiful markings.
Snuggling on the sheepskin window seat was the best way to stay warm and enjoy the view…..kind of like being in and out at the same time…..without having to get your paws wet or brave the cold. Snuggled together, they were little heat generators, purring away until they fell asleep.

Just watching them warmed my soul on the coldest day, and inspired me to capture this kitty warmth in a painting.

My art is inspired by the beauty of nature and Spirit. It is about the connection we all share, and I believe The Universe sends it where it needs to go. I donate my art to various rescue groups for horses, felines, dogs, and ocean wildlife. Sharing my art is what makes it meaningful, and I hope to inspire and remind us that we are the caretakers of Mother Earth and all her beautiful creatures. I am honored to share my gallery with you at my Etsy shop.

* * *

And I am honored to introduce you to Carol's work. There's more fine cats at her Etsy site, so do have a look.

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