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Saturday, November 19, 2011

in case your pet speaks cornish

You never know, perhaps your ki speaks that proud tongue, or maybe you should ask your kat if it's not too busy hunting a lygodzhan.
Ki = dog
Kat = you guessed that one
Lygodzhan = mouse

All stuff I dug up in the Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica: or, an essay to preserve the ancient Cornish language: containing the rudiments of that dialect in a cornish grammar and Cornish-English vocabulary. This was compiled by William Pryce, M.D. of Redruth, Cornwall, and printed by W. Cruttwell in 1790. Let's look at some more.

lygodzhan vrase = rat. Also logoden, mouse, field mouse, rat.
Tety Valy = by way of ridicule; tety valy bram angathe, tittle tattle, the wind of a cat.
gurkath = a he cat
koitgath = a wild cat
kei helfig = a hunting hound
kodna guidn = weasel (in the original it's spelled "weesel," which I like way better)
ula = an owl (I like owls)
marh = horse
guerhav an marhna = I will sell that horse
kryhiaz = to neigh like a horse
ky heer = greyhound
ky gwidn = white dog
avil bratkkeys aga ymo dense ylly thyskerny = like mastiff dogs their teeth on him they grind (that one was too wild to pass up)
gyst = bitch dog
grisla = to grin like a dog

Yn poynt da, meur ras (Well, thank you) for stopping by today!


Katnip Lounge said...

:Wind of a cat"!?! As in Cat gas??

curator said...

Gracious, that could be BAD. ;-)