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Thursday, February 16, 2012

the cimetiere des chiens, asnieres-sur-seine

By now I'm sure you've heard the awful story about the thieves who desecrated the grave of Tipsy the poodle, making off with the $11,000 jewelled collar with which he was buried.  (And then they didn't even put him back in the hole, but left his bones strewn about.  Heartless pigs.)
Tipsy, it turns out, was among the loved creatures in France's Cimetiere des Chiens, touted as the oldest (1899) pet cemetery in the world, and resting place of Rin Tin Tin and "Tiger," the pet lion of actress Marguerite Durand.  Here is a short, atmospheric film on the cemetery, where you can see for yourself the charming monuments and the photos many include.  But don't cats get to sleep there too?  Oh mais oui, as this delightfully full page at Purr'n'Fur will show you. 


parlance said...

What an interesting story. I guess the thieves must have done some research of the 'myth' and worked out which grave it must be.

I know someone who lives on the boundary of a park and has an elephant buried in her backyard. There was an article about it in a local paper and people kept jumping into her yard and trying to dig to see if it was true, so a retraction was printed by the newspaper and by now most have forgotten it was ever talked about.

But it's true. Before her house was built, it was open land and a circus elephant died and was buried.

I won't tell you what is above the elephant's grave, because someone might just read this, unlikely as it is, and figure out which house it is and start the stupid behavior all over again. It was a real headache for her.

cate said...

Oh wow I'd love to go there, looks amazing! I agree the thieves were heartless pigs! Thanks so much for sharing such an interesting place :)

curator said...

Hi Cate, you're welcome and it's nice to hear from you!
Parlance, that is fascinating! I wish people could leave that poor beast alone, though - not to mention your friend.