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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the museum reviews mr chewy dot com

 A while back I was contacted by Mr. Chewy.com.  They offered me a coupon for some pet supplies, on their dime, in return for a review.  This is not something I normally do, but I had a good look at the Mr Chewy website first, and what I saw there led me to say sure, I'll write a review.
So cutting to the chase:  I had a really good experience ordering from Mr Chewy.  You need to have a few days on your side - your order will take 3 to 5 days -  but they have many excellent brands which can be hard to find, and shipping is a flat $4.95 unless you order over $49, in which case it's free.  Really.

They had Taste of the Wild and Indigo Moon for the kitties. We got some wonderful big meaty chew bones for Briar, and some Nutro dog biscuits. Plus, they had my old standby, Purebites freezedried chicken, and let me tell you I HAVE to have that stuff around or Elizabeth stares at me with disgust all day.  Their prices weren't bad, a dollar or so more than I'd pay at my favorite small pet supply store down the street.  If you're having a hard time finding special food and treats where you live, I think Mr. Chewy is a good place to try.  They have a bloggers' referral program, in which every time blog fans order using your blog's referral code, a donation gets made to animal friends in need.  I think I'd like to learn more about that.
They sent me these little cartoons, too.  Pretty cute - especially  that one up top of the cat secretary.  I think I look a lot like her.  
So I had a happy experience with

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