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Sunday, March 11, 2012

i am a bulldog and i am a good boy

via wikimedia commons {{PD-US}}
The Wikimedia page calls this "Bulldog Don Leon," and it's a painting dated 1897 by Kate Sowerby, a British artist who painted till about 1900.  That's all I can discover.  What a pity.  I'd love to know if she always had such a sympathetic touch for her animal subjects.
It's Daylight Savings "Spring Forward" today and I am most tetchy (I do not like springing forward). . . and then I saw this sweet face and thought, I wish I could pet that fine fellow right now.  This is a standard late 19th century work in the animal portraiture genre, with an extra - and extra special - fillip of soulfulness.


parlance said...

'Spring forward' day??? Who thought of calling it that? Over here it doesn't have such a feel-good name and I just think of it as 'they-stole-one-hour-of-my-weekend-day'.

curator said...

I KNOW. And I whined all day Monday, too...which doesn't reflect well on me, but darn it anyway.