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Thursday, March 08, 2012

more on the dogs of ancient egypt

...The house-dog was shaved, combed and washed; he was sometimes tinted with henna as if he were a woman; he wore fine collars on his neck, furnished sometimes with an earthenware clasp in the shape of a bell or a flower.  Children played with him, became attached to him, and the hero of one story to whom the fates had predicted at his birth that he would die of the bite of a dog, willingly confronted the threatened danger rather than be separated from the dog which he had raised.  He, of course, had a name, to which he answered:  Si-togai, the son of the bat; Akeni,the ferreter; Khaoubsou, the lamp or star; Soubou, the strong; and Nahsi, the black.  He is seen with kings as well as with common persons.  Rameses II, during the earlier years of his reign, was always escorted by a female dog which was called Anaitiennaktou, or brave as the goddess Anaitis.

 -- from "The Dogs of Ancient Egypt," M. G. Maspero, Popular Science, October 1891 (pp. 809-813).


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