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Sunday, March 04, 2012

return of the sugar mice

Perhaps you remember this post from back in the day on sugar mice, a treat we don't have here in the US.  (Or we didn't before the Harry Potter series - I understand some film-linked candy rodents are kicking around over here somewhere now.) A couple of weeks ago that post was read by Claire over in the UK, and she sent me a lovely email offering to send some.  Here they are, reposing on my front table!  In return I'll be sending a thank-you postcard to Courtyard Candies & Chocolates in Poole, with these little fellows cunningly gluesticked onto what passes for a tourist attraction in my city ;-).  Seriously, they arrived in perfect shape...thank you, Claire, they are delightful, and now I need to complete the experience by eating one of these cuties.
From the Japanese haiku master Issa (1763-1828):
the stomped-at mouse 
squeaks with laughter... 
a cold night


Anonymous said...

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parlance said...

So sweet...

(pun intended).

I don't think we have them here in Australia. But maybe...