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Saturday, June 16, 2012

i can't tell you this is a good cat poem

This is "A Pet Kitten" from The Miscellaneous Poems of Mrs. Hannah Eayrs Barron (Nashua, NH: Barker & Bean, 1884), and top-notch 19th-c schlock it is.  I had tears in my eyes after reading this...tears of laughter.  (Edit, November 2012:  Upon getting the time to read a little more of the slim volume, I must say there actually are some truly pleasant verses in there that would do well in any anthology.  I recommend "The Farmer's Welcome" for its sincerity and joy.)

* * *
Now my pretty little kitty,
She is dead and gone for aye;
And it seems so sad a pity,
That I cannot see her play.

I had thought if she kept growing.
She would soon he a big cat; 
And that she would be so knowing.
She would catch the mice and rats.

She was treated just as kindly,
As a petted child could be;
And perhaps was just as blindly
Killed with kindness, that may be.

Now she is not any better
Than a once loved worn out hat; 
Or a cherished old love letter,
Or some other lost pet cat.
* * *

I should have seen this coming from a poet whose slim volume also offers such delights as "A Cross Made of Hair," "A Crow Caught in a Trap," "My Old House is Going to Decay," "I Do Not Fear to Die," and "It is First-Rate to Be a Yankee."  There's actually a couple more kitty-themed jewels in here, but I'm going to save those for another day's treat.


A few Good Cats said...
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A few Good Cats said...

Good intentions, anyway. Mark Twain lampooned that kind of verse in Ode to Stephen Dowling Bots in Huckleberry Finn.

Katnip Lounge said...

It's awful...awfully good.