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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a tudor terrier

I'll be sending you shortly to a blog I love dearly, Two Nerdy History Girls, but here's why:  They have already written a fine long post on the ship's dog of the English ship the Mary Rose, which sank in July of 1545.
As archaeologists were excavating the wreck site (is it still "excavating" if it's under water?), they found a number of items, human remains, and next to a cabin hatch, a dog skeleton.  She was a girl terrier. The archaeologists called her Hatch.

Here's the website for the Mary Rose's museum.  Be sure and check out the page on the crew, though Hatch isn't mentioned on there yet that I can see.


parlance said...

I so want to see the Mary Rose one of these times. Imagine how the ship designer must have felt when it just sank like that.

Poor Hatch.

parlance said...

Oh, I see I had it wrong. I thought the Mary Rose was the ship that sank in the harbour as it was launched. I'll have to read all about it at greater length on the link you've given. I got distracted for ages by the post over there about the Jane Austen Ball.

curator said...

Hi Parlance - I have been thinking of you and Penny! Yes, I feel badly for Hatch too. Poor little dog. I hope it was fast.