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Thursday, June 20, 2013

morris the politico

Yes we cat.

That's just one of the slogans helping to rocket feline candidate Morris to the front of the mayoral race in Xalapa, Mexico.  (And it makes a swell T-shirt.)  Sergio Chamorro's black and white cat didn't set out to be  the new face of local politics; it started out as a joke, but before anyone knew it, Morris had a Facebook page and Twitter account (@candigatomorris), and not least a fab website with a good chunk devoted to fan images of the Candigato.
Some more choice slogans?  (I'm translating some of these myself, be warned)
Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a cat.
Extensive legislative experience (This poster shows Morris lounging and yawning.)
Vote for Morris...He doesn't do anything
You should vote for another animal.

I insist you see the fan art.  Especially the Grumpy Cat spoof poster.
Election day is July 7.

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