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Monday, July 01, 2013

a dog and his master teach anthropology

A few years back at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, the anthropologist Grover Krantz and his wolfhound Clyde got to work on a special exhibit together.  They taught visitors a great deal about the uses and purposes of anthropology, and Krantz didn't have to say a thing.  
Not that he could.  He and Clyde were years dead by then.  Their skeletons, mounted in a hug copied from a personal snapshot, were the concluding exhibit for "Written in Bone:  Forensic Files of the 17th-c Chesapeake."  I find this such a life-affirming way to face your mortal end.
Big thanks to my dear Janet F for this wonderful find - now I'll send you to the article and photo.  


parlance said...

Oh yes! That article and the photo are just great. For some reason it acts as an antidote to the thing I always wish I had not seen at a Pompeii exhibition - the cast of the chained dog dying in agony. Every time that pops into my mind - as horrible images will sometimes - I will think of these two sets of lovingly entwined bones.

curator said...

Parlance - exactly! Did you get a chance to read the related article to which the Smithsonian blog linked? Turns out Grover owed lots more to Clyde than we guess - even wrote a book about him, "Only a Dog." The deeper you get into this story, the more wonderful it gets.