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Sunday, August 11, 2013

a collie stands boldly

thanks yale center for british art, paul mellon collection. PD
Here's James Ward (British, d. 1859) with a mighty Rough-Coated Collie, dated 1809.  I have read that after 1803 Ward's greatest artistic influence was the painter Rubens, and that does make sense when I look at this.  Rubens loved color and a dramatic presentation.  Could this fellow look any more ready to take on all that he surveys?    Could his fur glow with any more vitality?  And yet you still sense a British restraint in that thoughtful dog face, the energy he keeps in check.  I bet Rubens would have painted him rearing up, tongue lolling, eyes huge and glistening.  There is something wistful in this dog that makes me want to scratch his carefully delineated ruff and say, it's okay fella, go and run, you're a good boy.

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