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Saturday, August 10, 2013

the naked greyhound

public domain

I must say I have never heard of a Turkish Greyhound, but he looks endearing with his head and tail tufts.  He sounds endearing too: 
This is a diminutive variety of the Greyhound, probably reduced to its small size from the influence of climate. It is little more than half the bulk of the Italian greyhound; and like the same animal, both in this country and in Italy, is an attendant on people of rank, and usually kept as a pet.
The Turkish Greyhound is quite naked, with only a few scattered hairs on its tail. The colour of the skin is leaden or black, and has all the appearance of leather. His ears are long and erect.
This dog is said to possess great attachment to his master. We have heard of one which belonged to a Pacha who was beheaded, that laid itself down on the body of his murdered master and expired.
-- from Thomas Brown, Biographical Sketches and Authentic Anecdotes of Dogs (Edinburgh, 1829), p. 125.  By the way, the page immediately after this marks a book section entitled: Division II.  Head Less Elongated than Former Division.

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parlance said...

That's a bit of a weird one. Greyhounds get cold in cold weather, I think, because I usually see that owners have put a coat on them in winter. So how much colder might these hairless ones get.