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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


thanks wikimedia commons (PD)
George Spencer Watson (British 1869-1934) was a member of the Royal Academy who worked in a late romantic style.  I personally see some borrowings from the Pre-Raphaelite School myself in this 1911 portrait of Hilda and Maggie, with the rich warm colors and strategic use of patterned textile in the backdrop.  Maggie the dog's intense gaze is as much a focal point as Hilda's face and makes we wonder all kinds of things:  were they specially close?  Did Maggie really want to go for a walk?  Was there a treat in Hilda's loosely curled other hand?
Hilda had been a dancer and mime artist before marrying Watson.  I'm just throwing that in because it's interesting.

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parlance said...

Oh, such a cynic.... Lol. Of course there was something good in that casually curled hand!