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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the raven's pet dog

From The World of Anecdote:  An Accumulation of Facts, Incidents, and Illustrations, Historical and Biographical, from Books and Times Recent and Remote, Edwin Paxton Hood, ed.  (London:  Hodder and Stoughton, 1870), pp. 308-9.

A Curious anecdote of the raven is related in the Gentleman's Magazine. He lived many years ago at the Red Lion inn, Hungerford, and was called Rafe. It is given in the words of a gentleman who lodged at the inn.
"Coming into the inn yard," says he, "my chaise ran over and bruised the leg of my Newfoundland dog; and while we were examining the injury Rafe was evidently a concerned spectator; for, the minute the dog was tied up under the manger with my horse, Rafe not only visited him, but brought him bones, and attended on him with particular and repeated marks of kindness. I observed it to the ostler, who told me that the bird had been brought up with a dog, and that the affection between them was mutual, and all the neighbourhood had been witnesses of their many reciprocal acts of kindness. Rafe's poor dog after a while broke his leg, and during the long time he was confined Rafe waited on him constantly, carried him his provisions, and scarcely ever left him alone. One night, by accident, the stable door had been shut, and Rafe had been deprived of the company of his friend the whole night; but the ostler found in the morning the door so pecked away that, had it not been opened in another hour, Rafo would have made his own entrance. My landlady confirmed this account, and mentioned several acts of kindness shown by this bird to all dogs in general, but particularly to maimed or wounded ones."—Hancock's Essay on Instinct.

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