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Thursday, August 29, 2013

puppy, camel, and ferryboat: how are they alike?

State University System of Florida, PALMM Project, 2005. public domain
The answer is contained here on page 4 of Animal Pictures and Stories (New York: McLoughlin Bros, circa 1880):
"Puppies are the clumsiest things in this world except camels and ferryboats (whaa? - curator), but camels are clumsy when they are grown up, and ferry-boats never grow up. When a puppy grows up to be a dog he is not clumsy."  (oh. Glad we sorted that out. Did we? - curator)

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parlance said...

As an former primary teacher (elementary school teacher) I can totally relate to this little text. There are so many stories about little tug boats, trains and ferryboats that never grow up. (Think Thomas the Tank Engine, or The Little Engine that Could.)