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Monday, September 09, 2013

few dogs allowed - at king henry viii's court

The law gets laid down (in Tudor-era English) for those courtiers who wanted canine companionship while dancing attendance on Henry #8:

"Noe Doggs to be kept in Court.
"The king's heighnes alsoe straightlie forbiddeth and inhibiteth that no person, whatsoever they be, presume to keepe anie greyhounds, mastiffs, hounds, or other doggs in the Court, then some small spanyells for ladies or others: nor bring any unto the same except it be by the King's or Queen's commandement. But the said greyhounds and doggs to be kept in kennell and other meete places out of court as is convenyent, soe as the premisses duelie observed, and the houses abroade, may be sweete, wholesome, cleane, and well furnished, as to a prince's house and state doth apperteyne."

It's pleasant that thought was given to the state of the kennels.  From Researches into the history of the British Dog, from ancient laws, charters, and historical records, vol. II,  George R. Jesse (London:  Robert Hardwicke, 1866), p. 185.

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