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Sunday, October 27, 2013

domingo's cat, a puss in boots tale from Brazil

Once upon a time there was a man who was very poor. He was so poor that he had to sell one thing after another to get food to keep from starving. After a while there was nothing left except the cat. He was very fond of his cat, and he said, “O, Cat, let come what will, I’ll never part with you. I would rather starve.”
The cat replied, “O good master Domingo, rest in peace. You will never starve as long as you have me. I am going out into the world to make a fortune for us both.”
The cat went out into the jungle and dug and dug. Every time he dug he turned up silver pieces. The cat took a number of these home to his master so that he could purchase food. The rest of the pieces of silver the cat carried to the king.  The next day the cat dug up pieces of gold and carried them to the king. The next day he carried pieces of diamonds.
“Where do you get these rich gifts? Who is sending me such wonderful presents?” asked the king.
The cat replied, “It is my master, Domingo.”

    . . . And how exactly does this feline-assisted rags to riches tale play out?  Charmingly, as you'll see at World of Tales.


Katnip Lounge said...

Another reason to eat bacon, says the Cat.

parlance said...

How strange that it's like the Puss in Boots tale. I guess these stories go way, way back and that's why the similar stories emerge all over the world. (But the Australian aboriginal peoples have different tales, because they were separate for so many millennia.)