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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

big dog on a wide-open day

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Chicago artist Ryan Kapp's "Big Dog" steps into the same huge gold space autumn has made of my neighborhood.  That's what attracted me to this particular piece, but it turns out his work as a whole distills experiences to clear swathes of color (you'll see that at his Etsy shop).  Since I tend to read that as shorthand for "possibility," I found it cheering.
Ryan's a graduate most recently of Northwestern University.  Here's a bit form his bio: "In his recent work, Ryan draws upon imagery from his travels and his native midwestern surroundings and mixes it with a graphic sensibility. His prints & paintings explore ideas of reduction and stylistic juxtaposition that work together to create an environment driven by mood."  The result?  Detailed, fully present character in open space - which when you think about it is everyone's experience of every fresh day.

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parlance said...

Reminds me of the joy I had running through the raked-up piles of autumn leaves when I was a child.