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Monday, February 10, 2014

eliot and winston star in "tabby love"

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist 
You know how hearing one short passage of a favorite song makes the entire piece pop into your head?  This block print by Virginia artist Suzanne Grobbel elicited exactly that sort of response from me:  Look, cat ears - what a pleasant shorthand for the whole cat experience.  When I learned that Suzanne trained as a musician, I knew where she'd gotten this great idea for this portrait of her cats Eliot and Winston.  Just as a song verse is a subset of the whole song, your cat's favorite feature is emblematic of the whole.  (For me, it's Elizabeth's paws, Kat VonD's nose, and Ronnie's tail.)  As it happens, Suzanne comes from generations of visual artists, so creating satisfying form with nimble lines is second nature to her.  You can see that at her Etsy shop, Pressing Needs.  (I particularly recommend this Bernese Mountain Dog and this cat of intense regard.)

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