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Saturday, February 08, 2014

the animals of wwi - #2 in the series by laura brown

October in the Argonne Forest, 1918.  The enemy is everywhere.  They see you when you crawl for water, and they shoot and shoot.  Food is all gone.  Even your own troops, trying to find you and get you, can't really see where you are, and they start to shoot you too.  If you yell at them to stop, the Germans will know exactly where to go.  Your bullets are almost gone.  You're going to die.  You hug the ground - 
 - but hope has wings.  And better yet, your last carrier pigeon has wings.  She is named Cher Ami, and she will fly for you.  Read Laura's thrilling story of Cher Ami's heroic journey here

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parlance said...

It's a fascinating story. But I must say it makes me sad to think how we involved innocent creatures in the madness of our wars.