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Monday, April 07, 2014

dogs get comfy

PD courtesy of the rijksmuseum

It's bedtime.  You drag off your socks, looking forward to hitting the hay, hoping your sheets won't be clammy.  No problem.  Your dog will be very happy to keep your pillow warm for you.  Oh, did you want to sleep here too?  Apparently this is an impulse as old as dogs and beds, as we see in Woman at her Toilet dated 1655-1660 by Jan Havicksz. Steen.  Interesting note: since you can see far up this young lady's bare legs, this painting was for years considered so improper that a longer skirt was painted in.  That was revised about 100 years ago.

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Odile said...

This breed still exists as Kooikerhondje : a medium/small toller dog from the Netherlands.