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Monday, January 05, 2015

dogs: not wagner fans?

Hates Wagner. — Why canine pets and curs howl at Wagner's music is hard to tell. Yet they do, and many are the stories told in proof. The explanation we can offer is that possibly the animals have had a drawing-room training, and have grown accustomed to the sentimental drivel that passes for music at "afternoons" and "at homes" where a "little music" is provided. Madame Nordica is specially fond of dogs, and her favourite dog owns the distinction of having taken part at one of the Bayreuth performances, to which it was smuggled by the prima donna's maid. The little creature's appreciation of Wagner's music was not, however, of a sympathetic nature, and found vent in a series of yelps and prolonged howls, which caused its speedy discovery and removal.
- from Crowest, Frederick James, 1850-1927. Musicians' Wit, Humour, & Anecdote. London: Walter Scott, 1902, p. 252.

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