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Sunday, January 04, 2015

the great mesmer cat

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
You know how your purring cat has this seemingly magic ability to gaze deep into your eyes and put you to sleep?  That's because Kitty - like all members of the feline race - moonlights as The Great Mesmer, and thanks to Virginia Diakaki of Athens, Greece, now you've got artistic proof.
Virginia says in her artist statement, "Artistically my work is highly influenced by the Victorian era, Art Nouveau, circus art, old Japanese illustrations and the Lowbrow movement." I knew it the minute I saw this, and her elegantly quirky Etsy shop TheGreenerPastures makes it all the more sure a conclusion.  Virginia also studied stage and costume design in Florence, Italy, which also accounts for the picture perfection of this "circus banner." Not a part of the image is wasted, and there's just enough imagery, not too much.  I do hope you'll visit her shop and see all the other magical creatures she has up her sleeve - how about The Guardians of the Beating Heart, or the brave and beautiful Dolores?

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