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Monday, January 12, 2015

kind words on the pet skunk

From a 1913 book on friendly beasts of the West. . .

It would not be doing justice to the Skunk if I did not add a word about certain of the kind that I have at home.
For many years I have kept at least one pet Skunk. Just now I have about sixty.  I keep them close to the house and would let them run loose indoors but for the possibility of some fool dog or cat coming around, and provoking the exemplary little brutes into a perfectly justifiable endeavour to defend themselves as nature taught them. But for this I should have no fear. Not only do I handle them myself, but I have induced many of my wild-eyed visitors to do so as a necessary part of their education. For few indeed there are in the land to-day that realize the gentleness and forbearance of this righteous little brother of ours, who, though armed with a weapon that will put the biggest and boldest to flight or disastrous defeat, yet refrains from using it until in absolute peril of his life, and then only after several warnings. By way of rounding out this statement, I present a picture of my little daughter playing among  the Skunks, and need add only that they are full-grown specimens in full possession of all their faculties.
photo by e. t. seton from work cited (PD)
Seton, Ernest Thompson, 1860-1946. Wild Animals At Home. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page, pp. 106-7.

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busterggi said...

Skunks do make wonderful pets - they love cuddling and are very self-confident. If it were legal in Connecticut to own one i would but meanwhile my cats are left to hang with the wild ones that come to my yard (as do possums, raccoons and woodchucks).