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Saturday, April 04, 2015

there's something on my mind - tina fraughton

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
If cats' thoughts could materialize, I think all three of mine would have another member of the house riding around on their head in miniature.  (Some would weigh more heavily than others - I'm looking at you, the Kat Von D.)  Mix this with my fondness for surrealism and you see why I'm sharing this work by Connecticut artist Tina Fraughton, There's Something on my Mind.  It so happens that the inspiration for this work was a beloved Shar-Pei with an impeccable sense of balance, and what better way to immortalize an unusual talent than, well, unusually?
Fraughton's website and Etsy shop are full of creatures having human-style fun, rendered in a style that looks like old-style stipple etching, but brightly colored.  It's an irresistible mix that makes me sit up and pay attention in case I lose any detail.  For example - have you even noticed those curly hairs in the cat's ears yet?  I think I'll go back and look at some more Fraughtons right now.

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